Going Coral with GOSH Lipstick

Hello there! I might be the only one reading this post at the moment, but I know it will be all worth while in months to come. I haven’t been blogging for years, so I will start by sharing with you my life as a…can’t find a word to put here at the moment. But I will be talking about things I like and also, doing some product reviews especially on lips!  I am mad about lipsticks, totally!

Hence, the second post here, I like to talk about lipstick! Coral will be the color! There are many lovely coral shades of lipsticks but in this post, I picked Shocking Coral from GOSH Cosmetics.

gosh_logo_for_twitter(Picture courtesy of GOSH Cosmetics)

GOSH Cosmetics have arrived in Singapore and available in all SASA Outlets. This brand is based from Denmark. In Asia, we have been seeing many Korean cosmetics in the local market so when I spotted GOSH Cosmetics with a friend in SASA, I pop in the shop and bought a lipstick.

Camera 360I chose Coral because it is one color I never own. I have a natural tanned skin, which I thought I can carry almost all the bright colored lipstick. Yes, always be bold with colors! Your face is a canvas for beauty!

Camera 360Apologized for the flaw on the lipstick. When I bought it, the content was flawless but I realized I forgot to take a picture of it before I used it. That explain for the uneven texture seen on the tip.

Camera 360The Code Number is 145.

Camera 360

This is not how I usually pout my lips to apply lipstick, just to show I applied GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick on my lips.

Camera 360This lipstick has a creamy texture, but it feels just nice for the climate in Singapore. My lips feels moist and the color still stays after several hours. I didn’t use any lipliner before application, and it didn’t smudge at all after blabbering non-stop and drink a few sip of water from the mug. For the price I paid, the quality is good!

Camera 360Remember, whenever you use bright colored lipstick, always try to go with a light eye makeup. Do not over do it!

Alright, signing off here!

Coral kisses,

J Sue


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