7 Natural Remedies to Lighten Dark Lips

Notice some dark spots or patches on your lips? I do, on mine. I drink iced-cappuccino almost every day. Take a closer look on this picture of me without lipstick.


One of the main causes of dark lips is sun exposure. Others like allergies, smoking, caffeine intake (coffee, tea and Coke!) and hormonal imbalances can result in ugly, dark lips. So I am here to share how this 7 natural remedies can help you lighten your pout!

Honey has many beauty benefits! Do you know it can soften lips and give your lips a pink glow? Apply honey all over your lips and leave it overnight. I know it is really hard not to lick it off your lips, but you have to do it if you want beautiful lips!

Strawberry and Vaseline
Make your very own natural lip balm using strawberry and Vaseline! A passenger from Australia once shared this with me and I find it pretty effective. The one disadvantage is that you probably can use this mixture for a week. I recommend to make a portion enough for a week and remember to store the mixture in the refrigerator!

With life give you lemon, use it on your lips!
Lemon is one of my favorite fruit. Did you know you also can use it to naturally lighten dark lips? It is used commonly to treat darker patches and spots of skin, and it works the same for your lips!Β Cut the lemon into half, gently massage it on your lips. Leave the lemon juice on your lips overnight. Don’t waste the other half and the rest of the lemon. The next morning, mix some warm water with the lemon and drink it to for glowing skin.

Natural Oil
We are talking about oil like olive oil, tea tree oil, clove oil or even mustard oil! You can find it in all supermarket or even at home! Olive oil is the best among the others and I like its aroma. Apply one of these oils onto your lips before going to sleep and leave it overnight for best result!

Natural Oil Lip Balm
Another natural remedy, I learnt it from a India friend. Mix castor oil (vegetable oil extracted from the seeds of the castor plant) and almond oil together and massage your lips with the mixture. Do this before you sleep and leave it overnight. It will make your lips glow with a natural pink.

Ice, ice BABY!
Yes ice! I have been doing it since a young girl and I am sure you’ve done it too! Massage your lips with ice cubes, whenever, wherever. It will soothes the lips, keep it nourished, moisturized and fresh.

Drink lots of Water
We lose moisture from our lips, so we need to drink at least 8 glasses of water to replenish the moisture loss. It is to keep the level of moisture balanced. By doing it, we also rid off all the toxins in our body. How awesome is that! Start reminding yourself to have enough water intake daily for beautiful lips and healthy body!

I like to apologize for the delay of post. My partner, Shirlene and I are still working on some details on how can we bring you the latest news on beauty and lips! Do stay tune and hope you all have an awesome week ahead!


J Sue


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