What is your red?

Hey! How’s your week so far? Tomorrow is Friday and I can’t wait! So what lipstick color are you wearing for your Friday party night? For me, I would say RED!

The fashion is entering the fall and so is lipstick! We don’t experience autumn and winter in Singapore because we have the perfect summer almost all year round but we follow the latest fashion and beauty hype closely.

Well, why red lipstick for the fall? It has been spotted in the recent Louis Vuitton fall runway, with Kate Moss rocking the stage with berry red lips .


Models in Marni’s fall runway were spotted with red matte stain, with really messed up hair. How sexy!


My favorite actress Emma Stone was seen wearing the sexy red on her lips in this year Oscars too!


That is why Red is this year fall’s lipstick color. But how to find the perfect shade for your skin tone?

Fair Skin


If you have fair skin like Fan Bing Bing, you don’t have to go too red or too dark with your choice of red lipstick. Try red lipstick with pink or coral hues as they look best on fair skin. I will say keep it matte as it will gives you a natural looking red lips.

Beige Skin


Beige skin tone is the best skin color to wear true reds, like what Megan Fox is seen in the picture above. Another great red color is those with berry shades. If you want less formal and fresh look, go for cherry shades!

Olive Skin


Olive skin tone, to me is the perfect skin tone to rock red lipstick with brown hues. If you have fair and beige skin tone, wearing browner shades of red will make you look mature. If use on darker skin, the color will be lost. If you are wearing this color, add a layer of lip gloss to show more of the red if you find the color looks dull on your lips.

Caramel Skin


Let me share with you, this is the best skin tone to wear almost any red because I have caramel skin tone! I love red with orange and brown hues.Β Rihanna is seen wearing her red lips with orange hues in this year Grammys’ Award and she totally rock it! For more glamourous look, true red and berries, wine red will be perfect, and not forgetting the gloss to add a pop to the whole look.

Almond Skin


For almond skin tone, avoid using a red that is too dark or with brown hues. Gabrielle Union is wearing a dark cranberry shade of red and looking glamourous! Wine red and darker shade of true red will look great against darker skin tone like this.

I hope you will be able to find your favorite red lipstick! My favorite red lipstick right now is PIRATE from Chanel Rough Allure. Color is true red, with a cool tone.


Β (Apologize for my unsightly chipped nails)



Just for this post, I applied some cheek color, filled up my brows a lil’ and coated my lashed with mascara to show you how red lipstick can easily bring out the glamourous me. With this simple makeup, I just need to put on a dress and I’m all ready for a dinner date or a party. I don’t need much effort for this look.

So ladies, it’s time to invest another red lipstick to your collection! Have a great weekend!

Much loves,

J Sue


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