My name is Jessica, Sue is my middle name. I come from Singapore island and speaks a few languages. I have two awesome and beautiful sisters and the coolest mum in the world. I also have a wonderful boyfriend who loves me very much.

I have been traveling intensively for the past 4 years, as a cabin crew. It is truly the most amazing experience anyone can have. Right now, I am starting a small business with my boyfriend. I do not have as much free time like I used to have but I am sure it is all worth while.

Why a blog now? I started this to write mostly about my life and passion in gemstones, jewelry (rings, bracelets, necklace) and makeup especially lipsticks (I own many lipsticks, many are still unused.) I am also addicted to eyeliner and false lashes (I want longer lashes!). Other than makeup,ย I am one of theย true believer in cult brands because I feel a sense of ownership in owning them. I look forward to the day I manage my very own cult brand.

I love meeting people especially people who share the same passion as me. I enjoy having my usual iced-cappuccino at different haunts in Singapore with my love ones. If you happen to see me around, please do not hesitate to say hi.

Right now, I am starting my own jewelry line called Splenduit and an online shop selling trendy and affordable jewelry called Supasociety. I am still developing my range so please be patience! (:

Here is a statement why you should start playing doll up with jewelry and cosmetics:ย Beauty is an art and your face and body is a canvas.

And HELLO beautiful people!


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